PMCC - ProModel
Project Portfolio Simulation

PMCC and ProModel are teaming up to bring you the combined value of PMCC’s 18 plus years of consultative expertise in project management training and execution utilizing ProModel’s predictive project/portfolio planning technology. The result:   improved project performance that will exceed your expectations.

Project Challenges
The major challenge in project management is being able to ensure that projects are delivered within defined constraints such as scope, time, and cost. Some of the most common problems faced by project managers are:
• Missed deadlines
• Bottlenecks
• Insufficient and shared resources
• Inability to align resources
• Multiple conflicting goals, i.e. fastest completion time at lowest cost
• Accelerated schedules
• Outsourcing decisions

• Inability to accurately predict resource requirements and cost
• Communicating a solution across an organization
• Varying task times
• Project Attrition – which projects most likely won’t get completed and when to pull the plug
• Mitigating unperceived risks

The PMCC - ProModel Solution
ProModel has developed a unique enterprise solution approach represented by the diagram. This allows strategic planners and implementers to collaborate using the same highly accurate and visual platform. The result is a far greater level of confidence in creating and executing a plan to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.

ProModel planning solutions allow you to add variability and survival rates resulting in a better understanding of the risk associated with the portfolio or plan and more confidence in the predicted performance outcomes.

The bottom line of planning with ProModel’s predictive solutions is a more realistic and accurate range of likely performance indicators such as portfolio productivity, actual annual revenue and net present value with which you can make better decisions faster.

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